I Am, Still, Muhammad!

While most of my Muslim friends and family were sleeping, praying, reading Quran or beginning their fasts in the midst of the 7th day of Ramadan, me and my dad’s eyes were glued to CNN International, morning time in Jerusalem. Headlines blared, “Shooting in Orlando Nightclub” and “Worst Mass Shooting in America”. As we watched… Continue reading I Am, Still, Muhammad!


Vintage Inspired Bridal Party

Why hello there! Yes, it’s me! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been losing my mind busy lately. But i’m back baby!🙂 I think!

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A Charlie Brown Themed First Birthday Party!

Good grief, Fares is one! When I began telling friends that I was planning Fares’ first birthday party, many of them hoped it was a Charlie Brown theme. Growls and extreme disappointment followed when I told them it wouldn’t be, but have no fear, ROAR! A dinosaur theme, it will be. During Pinterest research, borderline… Continue reading A Charlie Brown Themed First Birthday Party!

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My Favorite Juicy, Roasted Turkey Recipe

My first year being married, I hosted a Friendsgiving Potluck dinner. I invited perhaps a little over 10 people to my tiny humble home. The second year, there were at least 22 people. This year was my Fourth Annual Friendsgiving Potluck (it has a name now), in which over 30 people joined and words won’t even… Continue reading My Favorite Juicy, Roasted Turkey Recipe


How Dare You (Racists) Define Me

واستعينوا بالصبر والصلاة “And seek assistance through patience and prayer…” [al-Baqarah 2:45]. I don’t know that the fuss is about. So, a few people are calling me [Muslims] terrorists and telling us to go back to our own country. I’m a sand nigger. I’m a rag head. Worthless. “Let’s kill them all!”, they say.

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My Toddler’s First Encounter with Prejudice

It seems as if these days, Muslims are being brought up more and more in the news, not for only what is happening over seas but for the underlying racism that has been brought up in recent events. Since the tragic 9-11 attacks on US soil, there has been a fire burning deep within many American… Continue reading My Toddler’s First Encounter with Prejudice


Letter to my First-Born: I’m Sorry I Treat You Differently

Mariyah, I’m sorry I yelled at you today.

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A DIY Thoughtful Eid Gift

Ramadan was a blessed month indeed. 30 days came and have gone and Eid celebrations were the most festive since I could remember. In attempt to find inspiration for Eid gifts, I walked through Michael’s only to find these perfectly colored plates, as if Michael’s purposely put them there just for me to find. I… Continue reading A DIY Thoughtful Eid Gift