Rainbow 1rst Birthday Extravaganza!

rainbow partyI always thought that it was ridiculous to throw a one-year-old a birthday party, that is, until I became a mother. I literally have been mentally planning her party, since the day she was born.

It was supposed to be small; in the house, maybe a few balloons and strictly family. Somehow, it turned into a guest list of 70, a face painter and a pinata. Although a spent a little more than I originally planned, everything was done with a set budget in mind.

Enjoy the pictures of the party taken by my good friend, Amaly Yossef.

Let’s start with the cake.

Rainbow cake

Because the party was supposed to be small, I was going to make the cake myself. Let’s just say that my “practice cake” was er, edible.  In a panic, just a few days before the party, a talented friend of mine, who so happens to be an awesome baker, Maisam Cakes, offered to help me out. I gave her creative freedom to do what she wants and she went beyond my expectation. Just look at this beauty.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake

Rainbow party food I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food so I made a quick stop the morning of  the party. I was running around Wal-Mart, filling my cart up with last minute items (and presents for Mariyah), when I get to  the check-out, I’m pulling out  items out of my cart, that were NOT mine. I quickly realized that, somehow in the midst  of birthday madness, I walked off with someone else’s cart. I just feel bad for the person  who couldn’t find their cart. Oops.

The ideas for throwing a rainbow party are endless. And Pinterest became my “how to  throw a rainbow party” manual. That is where I got the recipe for these awesome Funfetti  sugar cookies. I’ve also used this sugar cookie recipe for a fruit pizza and it is delicious.


funfetti rainbow sugar cookies

A big I.O.U. to my friend Mase, who along with taking care of her one-year-old, she was dipping Oreos, truffles and pretzels in chocolate all night long, the night before the party. She confessed that when the orange chocolate wasn’t working right, she had a mental breakdown on her kitchen floor at one in the morning. Damn you. orange chocolate!

rainbow party food

rainbow party food


The best part about throwing a rainbow party is that I could literally throw sprinkles on anything and it magically becomes part of the theme.

Rainbow Party food

The Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes were a hit with the kids. Something about eating a cupcake that looks like ice cream amazed them. (Tip: make sure that you use a large muffin pan and put the cones directly on the uncooked batter. No worries, they won’t burn.) I found the idea here.

Rainbow party food

Rainbow party food


I made the jello literally 2 hours before the party, thankfully the jello settled in time. Each packet made 6 – 3 ounce cups.

Rainbow party food

As much as I would like to take credit for the decor, my chocolate dipping queen, Mase, also decorated. All I have to say is that streamers and balloons go a long way. I also hung a year worth of pictures along the fireplace. It was great to see how Mariyah has grown month by month.

Rainbow Party Decor

Rainbow Party Decor

For the centerpieces, I filled clear vases with M&Ms and Skittles (separately) and marshmallows and made these rainbow wands, as I would like to call it. For the wands I cut the tip of a kabob stick (to prevent stabbing if so it happened. I didn’t know what kind of party this was going to become). I cut ribbon of each color and tied it with a small clear rubber band to the stick. I then cut cloud shapes out of white felt that I bought from Joann’s for only .79 and glued it to the kabob stick.

rainbow party decor


The kid tables (below) were a little more festive. I rimmed the plastic cups with  sprinkles which paired well with the chocolate milk I served. I did not think that  rimming plastic cups with sprinkles was going to be difficult, but it was. (Tip:  First, use milk. Second, make sure you use a small amount of sprinkles in a bowl  at a time. Sprinkles + milk = a sprinkle glob = not cool.

rainbow party decor













rainbow party ideas

Of course a girl’s birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a tutu. I made a rainbow tutu and whatever tulle that was left over, I made a high chair tutu with.

tutu for site

The best part of the party had to be the pinata. This pinata was invincible! I was about to stab the pinata with a butcher knife until my sister-in-law charged at the pinata with a broom stick. One hit and that sucker went down. The room roared “AH” and all the kids charged at the candy. A priceless moment that I regret not getting on video.

rainbow party ideas

This was definitely one of my great impulse purchases. Quick story;I got lost in Target (don’t be surprised, I get lost driving home) when I first birthday party ideas
spotted this book at the end-aisle. I picked it up quickly and continued my search for the front check-out. My husband was all $15.99 for a book blah blah and I was all it was on sale, as I crumbled the receipt in my hand.

All the guests wrote Mariyah a little note for her to read when she gets older.It was a great way to remember all the wonderful friends and family who helped us make my child’s first birthday special.

After all is said and done, I don’t regret spending a dime or my time. It was a perfect end to a great first year. Now, all I have to say is:









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