I’m a Mom, and I Support this video: ‘World’s Toughest Job’

I recently watched a YouTube video, that ended in [happy] tears. Go ahead and watch it so you’ll know what i’m talking about.


Awesome, right? At least I thought so. As I thought to myself, “I do, I do work hard”, I took a scroll down to the comments. Holy smokes, people were really throwing a hissy-fit. And most of the comments were unnecessarily nasty. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t like to think too much into [petty] things. Like my husband always tells me when I ask in my whiny voice, ” what do you not like about me the most.” He tells me, “why would you want me to think about the bad things about you? I don’t want to be in that state of mind.” The same goes for viral videos that tug on the heart-strings. Just let them tug!

Here are a few of the reasons why some were against the video:

1. It’s a manipulative ploy What isn’t these days? Sure it was a video made by the company, American Greetings, to manipulate you into buying your mom a card for Mother’s day, and hats down to them; it worked for me who is a sucker for cards. Will I buy an American Greeting card? Maybe, maybe not. If you think that this video is in any way manipulative, then lucky you for not falling for it. And if it was up to me, the end of the video would have said, “pick up a broom” or “say thank you” or “stop coming into the kitchen when it’s all clean and decide you want to eat, when I asked you three times to eat before I cleaned the stove.” Not to be specific or anything. 🙂 Mother's Day meme

Now I’m really beginning to sound like my mother.

2. What about the fellas? Single fathers with dead-beat baby mamas really went it on this video. Also, fathers and mother both agree the video should have been about parents in general. I do have to agree with this one but let’s not forget that Mother’s day is less than a month away. Therefore, that’s why the video was made FOR MOMS. I’m sure when Father’s day makes its way around, they’ll be a great viral video just for the dads as well.

3. Unfortunate Childhoods It’s very unfortunate that more people who should, grew up with a horrible upbringing. Every person deserves a loving mother AND father. But don’t get hasty and bring all the mommas down. It didn’t pertain to your mother, but it did for many others (like my daughter). And just for the record, being pregnant isn’t easy and the labor, wasn’t any easier. That alone is enough to be titled, ‘World’s toughest Job’.

4. Being a mother isn’t hard work Sure, some moms don’t take their “job” very seriously and yes, working a “real” job can be hard or harder PHYSICAL work, but when you come home from your “real” job, you kick your feet up, right? Being a mom is a 24/7 job, and that’s what makes it the hardest. Lucky for us moms who have their child’s father, friends and family to help. A thank you to my husband and mother is deserved. world's toughest job For the most part, I don’t think moms get enough credit. I can’t believe a four-minute video got so many haters people all riled up! In my opinion, I thought it was a heart-warming video, and I hope people will start looking at things in a more positive way, then to pick at the flaws in things that make hearts sour. So here’s to a great and inspiring video, to supermoms and to the incredibly and to the most wonderful mother’s day card that this “sucker” will be waiting for. And I’ll end with this quote: stay positive quote


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