Learn How to Bedazzle Converse Shoes

Learn how to bedazzle converse shoes

I bought my daughter Converses about a month ago. I took myself to Hobby Lobby the next day with the intention to make-over the Converses into shiny and sparkly show-stoppers. I stood in the aisle for more than I should have and walked away with a random gem tool and a few packs of gems and obliviously stood in line.

As I stood in line, I couldn’t help but notice the woman in front of me, who by the look of her daughter’s outfit, knew exactly what she was doing. From her daughter’s shoes, to her personalized bow, this lady was DIY royalty.

So I did what any awkward person, such as myself, would do; use my daughter in order to talk to her. I turned my cart so Mariyah faced the little girl and let the conversation start “naturally”. After a few introductions, I bravely asked if I bought the right materials. “That’ll work”, she said in hesitation. She then quickly gave me a quick, very quick, verbal tutorial. I replaced the gem tool with E-6000 glue, which she said she used for everything. I was relieved. That same feeling when your teacher whispers the answer when you ask a question during the exam, relieved.

It took me a month to do it, but I finally bedazzled Mariyah’s Converse Shoes and it was the easiest project I’ve ever done.


  • Converses
  • Gems
  • Coloring pencil
  • Candle with lighter
  • E-6000 glue
  • Shoelaces (optional)
  • Iron on Letters (optional)

how to transform converses


First, clean the shoes. My daughter has been running around for over a month in these, so I didn’t get them to look brand new, but close enough. I used a Magic Eraser (the best cleaning tool, besides bleach, EVER).

How to transform Converses


Second, set the mood and light your candle. Believe me, do not skip this step.

trick to add gems to shoes

Third, stick your coloring pencil or any pencil into the hot wax. Very lightly to coat the tip. Repeat this step twice more. Now you are ready to dazzle. I can’t believe I was actually going to buy a gem tool for 20 bucks, when I had my very own gem tool right under my nose. By coating the tip of the pencil with wax, it makes it super easy and quick to pick up the gems.

trick to add gems to shoes


Fourth, lay out all the gems next to you , face up. Take your E-6000 glue and cover the front of the Converse shoe. You could do one line at a time but you will be putting these gems on faster than you think, so save yourself the trouble.


Now, add the gems. Start at the bottom left corner and work to the bottom right, like so.

How to transform converses

Then, work your way around from the top right to the top left. Doing this will prevent any gaps, which I will include that I would suggest using smaller gems than I did for this tutorial because I did run into a “gap” problem. Perhaps, more work but I believe it would look better.

hoe to bedazzle converses

Perfecto! All done with one shoe, now do the same thing for the next shoe!

how to transform converses

If you would like to, iron-on your child’s initial on the side or just get creative with it. I also bought these fab shoelaces off of Amazon for a few bucks and were delivered so quick!


How to transform converse shoes


She was definitely a show stopper with these shoes on. Felt like a celebrity;there wasn’t a place we went to who spotted these shoes. Here a few randoms of Mariyah struttin’ her stuff. She wouldn’t take a decent picture (she doesn’t like the texture of grass).

learn how to bedazzle converse shoes


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