What an Arab Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day. A cliché holiday, sure, but in all reality, all holidays are. Yet, we celebrate them.

And even though Mother’s Day is technically haram (let’s face it guys, it is) moms do expect something that day, especially an Arab mom.

One year, my mom told me that all she wanted for Mother’s Day was peace and quiet. “Bes fichi 3ani o khaleeni fi hali. Wallah it iz best a mother day for me!”

And I did just that. No card. No flowers. I just smiled at her, told her Happy Mother’s Day and I let her be. However, it was NOT “ze best a mother day”. It was bad. Very bad. And worst of all, she was so mad, she didn’t cook for a week. It was worse than that time I told her, her maklooba tasted funny.

Lesson learned. Every year after that, I got her something or did something for her.

And after becoming a mother myself, I now know exactly what she means. Even though poor Mariyah is only a year old and has no idea what in the world is Mother’s Day, I still know EXACTLY what my mom meant.

It means, ” 364 days of the year, I’m your mom and this one day you ask what I need? That’s cool. I’m going to tell you I don’t want anything but you better get me something, and if you don’t, you ungrateful little person, I will let you live in a house of dirt and eat Ramen noodles all day, until I forgive you.”

So, what does an Arab mom, or any other mom, really wants for Mother’s Day?

1. To sleep in.

2. Make breakfast, and don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

3. Leave the house and let me enjoy a house to myself. I don’t care where you go for a few hours, just go.

4. But come back. Are you really not going to spend Mother’s Day with me?

5. Something I will actually want for myself. Not a vacuum. Not Clorox. Not a blender. Got it? Good.

6. CLEAN! And clean like your life depended on it.

7. Take me out to dinner. Or lunch. Or both.

8. Money. Gift cards are cool too. The Visa/ MasterCard ones though. I don’t like restrictions.

9. Don’t be annoying. You know what I mean.

10. A kiss and hug, without wanting something.

Now, do this for the next 364 days of the year, and you’ll be in good shape. 😉 Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful friends!



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