How a Mother Must Feel at her Child’s Graduation

Graduation season is upon us, therefore  I have already been to two [University] ceremonies. And as I sat there in the stands, more like stood on the side with a raging one-year-old, tears filled my eyes. Not because my friends were graduating (sorry guys) but because I thought to myself, “ This. This is what I want for my child, and more.”

I looked around, and saw proud parents, grandparents, friends and relatives. And as the student speaker spoke to her fellow classmates, I took a deep breath as I fought the tears and thought to myself, “Her mother must be proud.”

I looked at Mariyah, now rubbing a sticky blow pop in her hair, and imagined what it would be like watching her walk across the stage. I imagine her sticky-less, and as her gown perfectly flows as she walks across the stage, receive her diploma, look up at me and smile. God willing, I cannot wait for the day.

It astonishes me how when you become a mother, you become so selfless that all of your dreams, everything that you do, is for the benefit of your child(ren). At least that is what I dedicate my life to do.

A big congratulations to the class of 2014. I bet all of your mothers are proud of you!

Proud mom at Graduation


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