The N-Word

My daughter has a drinking problem.

It started with one bottle a day, maybe a few ounces. I saw her drink more and more, throwing her head back as she guzzled the bottle down. She needed it when she woke up, and when went to sleep. And don’t get started about how she kicks and screams if I hide it from her. I find empty bottles lodged under her car seat. In her crib. And in the corner of her room. I love her and I know that when she is “under the influence” she doesn’t mean to smack me across the face. Really, she doesn’t.

Let’s face it; it’s easier to give an addict what they want, rather than go against them.

Some babies go for a pacifier, some hold a blankie. Mariyah’s comfort buddy; a full bottle of milk.

Milk is great for her, I know. But when she refuses not to eat, and drinks milk all day, I think that may become bit of a worry.

Nina, is the word we use for bottle in our household. It’s the forbidden n- word, I try not to say. Once she hears the word ‘nina’, it’s like a light bulb goes off in her head, and she responds by saying, “Yeah!” , in a very girly, high-pitched voice.

I finally give in when she is holding on to dear life to the refrigerator handle, screaming.

Just look at the intensity¬†in her eyes, holding an empty bottle and standing next to the fridge. It’s a sad, but VERY adorable sight to see.

Coffee in my sippy cup


I’ve tried many, many methods but I’m now thinking perhaps, I should just let it go.

Moms, does your child have a drinking problem and what are your suggestions on getting her off the bottle?


2 thoughts on “The N-Word

  1. Haha love this ! I enjoy the humor in a very important topic . Honestly what I did with my son was throw them all away in from tof him even let him throw some away and when he would ask , I would tell him all gone remember ? Is probably best to throw outside and let her see the garbage man take the “bottles ” away . Good luck !


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