The Ten People you Meet at Taraweeh Prayer

Taraweeh prayerEvery once in a while, I like to make a “funny”, although, most of the time, i’m not funny,  rather i’m corny. So, consider this one of my corny posts!

I have been blessed to attend Taraweeh, every single night this Ramadan. There, I have noticed a few interesting things, or shall I say, interesting people.

DISCLAIMER: I understand that in the religion of Islam, we should not put people into categories and/or judge. Please, don’t take this post too literally, or personally. I enjoy and feel blessed to pray next to every one of these people I mention. Read on. 🙂

Taraweeh prayer

1) The Reciter

This is the person who quietly mumbles the reciting of the prayer. For a normal person, this is easy to ignore. For a person like me, who has self diagnosed A.D.D, it’s distracting and in attempt to mantain concentration, I begin to recite loudly as well.

2) The Heavy Breather

She is very similar to the reciter, and sometimes you can hear what she’s reciting. I don’t mind praying next to this person at all, unless her breath is stanky. If that’s the case, I hold my breath as if I’m going for a dive, before I make sajood. This is very hard to do with asthma so if it looks like I’m about to pass out, I probably am.

3) The Feet Police

Oh, the feet police.

Not only do they check if you are wearing socks or not, sometimes will even question your cartoonic-like socks, they also make sure that your feet are all on the same line. I get it. We should be coordinated; It’s sunnah. But please don’t kick my foot. It’s rude. Lord have mercy.

masjid humor

4) The Bully

We all have one in every mosque, if not two. This is the person that will stare you as you pray, so she may catch something you have done wrong. This is the person who will correct you and even if you nod and say thank you, she will still argue that she’s right. THIS IS THE PERSON WHO …  you get the gist.

5) The Mean Girl

This, folks, is the woman who is yelling at the kids. Which, I can’t blame her sometimes. She is the “angry” voice of the mosque, speaking her mind and glaring with them eyes. She’s the one who puts her chair, to pray, and expects everyone to pray around her. And hurry, or you’ll get yelled at.

She rolls with a small gang that has her back. Let’s just call her the Regina George of the prayer area.

regine george

6) The Menopausal

After I had my baby, I was always hot! So, I get it. But some of these ladies, lower the AC so low, and crank up the fan so high, I can literally feel every hair on my body rise! You know that feeling, where you begin to itch when you’re so cold? Yeah, I look like a dog with fleas up in that prayer area. Better cold than hot though, so I’m all for it.

7) The one who sits on you.

Now I can tolerate getting my foot kicked, but I will not be sat on.

I can’t.

It’s cruel and unusual punishment in my book. Now, come on guys, i’m not heartless. I understand that some ladies find it hard to sit on their feet, so I definitely don’t despise this person for it. But if you see me quickly switch spots after the second raka’a, you know why.

aint nobody got time for that

8) The Rebel.

This used to be me and who knows, I’m not perfect, this person occasionally is me. There is at least one person, particualry the young one, who comes with nail polish on, or her hair showing. Perhaps she  leaves her cell phone ringer on, or better yet, pulls her phone out to snap chat. I ‘aint one to judge, and I won’t say a thing; that’s the bully’s job.

masjid meme

9) The one who brings her tabeekh (dinner) with her.

Not literally bringing a plate of makloobah with her or anything, but if you stand next to this person, I could guarantee that I will be able to correctly guess what she cooked for dinner that night. But I don’t know what’s worse; the smell of fried garlic or the smell of fried garlic masked by the smell of Chanel no. 5.

Headache central.

10) The Snitch.

This person could quite possibly also be the bully, but we will never know. I see you over there, smirking as the Imam lectures the women on certain matters, that by the way, could only be explained as someone snitching.

I see you.

Which one of these people are you? I would say, that some days I fall into the tabeekh taking woman, other days the rebel and you know what? Sometimes, I am the feet police. So watch yourselves, ladies! 😉


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