Do-It-Yourself Tutu Tableskirt

diy tutu tableskirtI said it once, i’ll say it again; I am quite the procrastinator.

A few months ago, I made a tutu table skirt for a friend’s baby shower. After posting a picture of it on Facebook, I received numerous requests for a tutorial. Finally, I am now getting to it.

It’s pretty much the same as making a tutu skirt, expect for the fact that it requires 400 yards of tulle and lots of patience, but the steps are about the same.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

  • TULLE. I used about 400 yards, which were 16 rolls of 25 yds found at Michaels. It helps if you have coupons.
  • One inch fold-over elastic. Measure your table first to determine how much you will need. I always get a little more than I need, just in case.
  • Pins, to attach the elastic to the table cloth.
  • Scissors.
  • Cardboard and tape.
  • Tablecloth.

Note: This table skirt is customized for an 8 foot by 30 inch table.

How to make a tutu table skirt

Next, you will need to attach the elastic to the tablecloth with push pins.

Tip: I found out the hard way that tying the elastic in a knot, then attaching the elastic with push pins helps to keep it in place.

How to make a tutu table skirt

Baby not required for this step

Baby not required for this step

Once the elastic is securely attached to the table skirt, it’s time to cut the tulle. This step is also explained in my  Easy How-to Tutu Tutorial.  Cutting tulle can be tricky, and time-consuming but with this easy step, will only take you a few minutes. You will need to measure the length you want for your table skirt. Cut your piece of cardboard to that desired length.

Tape the end of the tulle to the cardboard with a small piece of tape and begin to wrap the tulle around the cardboard, about 20 times, each time so that it isn’t too thick to cut. Cut the tulle, but don’t be too picky about how you cut it because you can always fix it later.

How to make a tutu tableskirtOnce all of your tulle is cut, get ready for the “fun” to begin. Depending on how thick you want your table skirt, reflects on how much tulle you will use at one time and how tight you will tie the knot. For this table skirt, I took two pieces of tulle and attached it to the elastic, loosely. See pictures below.

How to make a tutu table skirtGet comfortable, because you will do this until the table is covered. I covered only 3 sides of the table, since the table was against a wall. If you want to do all four sides, you will most likely need 200 more yards of tulle.

Now, after I was done attaching all the tulle to the elastic, I must have ran out of steam because I didn’t take pictures of attaching the trim. You don’t exactly need trim, but it definitely completes the project and makes it look more elegant. Use any trim you would like, which I found at Joann’s Fabric (don’t forget to use a coupon) and attach it with a hot glue gun.

Tip: To ensure that the table skirt ‘aint going anywhere, I also used the hot glue gun to attach the table skirt to the table cloth as well, but you absolutely don’t have to do this.

Drum roll please.

How to make a tutu tableskirt I Hope you found that this tutorial was easy to follow and effective. This table skirt could be used for any occasion; birthdays, showers, weddings. Seriously, anything. Comment below if you need any of the steps clarified or privately  message me on my Facebook page.


45 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Tutu Tableskirt

  1. Do you think it’s possible to make these skirts ahead of time? IE- there is no way I could make enough skirts for 37 tables in one day for my wedding but if I did it in advance, could this work? Maybe just use the table to see how much tulle I need and then take the elastic off for each one I make? Sorry, it’s late and I’m scatter brained but I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Melissa! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Anything is possible. 37 tables will be lots of work but if you have helping hands, you can make it work. Preparation is key, so if you get all the tulle cut ahead of time, along with the elastic, it might make it easier. This project is a lot easier than it looks, it’s just time-consuming. Another issue may be your budget. You can definitely buy your tulle in bulk from an online wholesale shop to cut costs.

      Hope this helps.

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  2. Hello, how long was this table you used for the project. I’m considering doing this for my daughters birthday but I’m using 60 round tables and want to get an ideal of how much fabric needed, thanks


  3. Hi! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    This particular project was done on an 8 foot by 30 inch table, and I used 400 yards of tulle for 3 sides of the table. I would start with 200 yards of tulle and I would keep the knots loose so you have more to work with. It doesn’t hurt to buy a little more tulle than you need and return it or use it for another project. 🙂 I hope I helped.


    • hello Michelle!
      I’m afraid I can’t quite remember. However, the 400 yards was enough to cover three sides of the table. Depending on how loose you keep the knots. If you tie the tulle tightly, you may need more tulle.


    • Hello! I can’t quite remember but what I did was; I took yarn and wrapped it around the table and took that piece of yarn to Joanne’s craft store and told the clerk to cut the elastic a few inches more than the piece of yarn. I hope that helped.


  4. when you are wrapping the tulle around the cardboard 20 times..after the 20 you just cut one side of the tulle on the cardboard? not both right because that would make the tulle too short correct?
    I am doing this to 3 tables..anyway to make a head of time and just pop it on?
    How did you get your elastic to not shift on the table edges? the pins really kept it in place? SOrry for the 20 questions

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    • Hi Nicole!

      I’ll be more than happy to answer as many questions you have. Yes, after wrapping the tulle, only cut once! You want them to be long in order to tie it into knots around the table.

      I made this at home and brought it to my friend’s shower and put it on right there! I made sure to bring a hot glue gun and extra pins to make sure it all stayed in place. A tip would be to fill a bottle with fabric softener and water and spray the table skirt with it, and gently fold.

      Lastly, before I placed the pins, I wrapped the elastic around the table VERY tightly! Like, super tight. Then, I placed the pins in place. In addition to that, I worked in small sections and was gentle when tying the tulle.

      I hope I was helpful!


  5. You were…Ok, so I challenge now is the Tulle will not stop sticking to me! its is BEYOND static. Did you have this issue?


    • Hello! Are you attaching the table skirt to a plastic tablecloth or a cotton one? If it’s to a plastic one, I hot glued it to the tablecloth and used pins to keep it together. If it is a cloth table cloth, pins (lots of pins) should work!

      Make sure you tie the elastic super tight before putting tulle on. Because as you tie the tulle on the elastic, it stretches.

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  6. Thank you! I am giving my first ever baby shower for my step-daughter and this is perfect!! She is having a girl and I want it like a fairy tale.


  7. I’m confused when u say tie the elastic exactly what do u mean ie: tie where, how many times, why. I’m doing this for a wedding cake round table please advise thanks


    • Hello! So, you tie the long piece of elastic around the edge of your table, tightly, so that you are able to add the tulle to it. It should stay put. Please refer to the pictures above. It may not make sense, until you do it.


    • I’m replying late! I apologize! But just in case you still need the advice; I measure the tulle lengthwise from the table to the floor and used that as a measurement to cut the cardboard to that size ! Hope that helped!


  8. I’m wanting to do this for my daughter’s baby shower. The shower will be held at a restaurant with rectangle shaped tables. I only have a oval shaped table at home and limited on the set up time at the restaurant (about 2 hrs). Can I stretch the elastic on my table to place the tulle on and then attach it to the plastic table cloth at the restaurant? Or any other suggestions to save on time and help with my situation? Thank you. ☺


  9. HI I read a lot of your reply’s and first off you are very helpful and kind to take your time to reply, so I hope you reply to mine. Lol. so yes my biggest question is it re useable? Reading your reply’s and trying to learn on other sites, it sounds like it is important to put elastic on first, insert pins, and then attach tulle for the securest hold, but my question is after you detach then when you want to continue to use it how does it hold up then? I’m getting the impression it’s a one time use, and I definitely would like to use several times. Thank you so much. p.s. also using linen will it stay up with pins only, I’m afraid glue will ruin linen.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! If you store the skirt properly, I believe that it is re-usable. When you are ready to use it again, fill an empty bottle with 1/3 fabric softener and 2/3 water, and spray the tulle and fluff out. Also, I made sure that I used a linen that I didn’t mind to ruin. You could try to pin the skirt instead, however, it may not be as secure! I hope that this answer helped! 🙂


  10. Hello I wanted to know can you pre make them and then take to venue to attach to table?
    Reading your responses I’m getting the impression there are fro one time use and set up, do they preform better that way or are they re useable? thank you so much for your time.


  11. Hi! I am going to make a tutu tableskirt for an actual bar which measures
    Bar measurements: Front of bar: 175″ L x 42″H
    Side: 49 and 3/4 L x 42″ H
    I am going to purchase 32, 25 rolls of tulle. Do you think the inch tulle will be sufficient?


  12. Hi what is the width of the tulle – is it 6”?

    Your table skirt looks amazing. I really want to give one a go for my daughters first birthday though very nervous!

    Also how do you attach to the elastic without wrapping it around the table? I know it is a 6ft table but the venue is providing and I wont have it during making the table skirt.



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