The Facebook Post I Most Regret

the fb post i most regretMy Facebook rants are far behind me, I hope. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

Here is the Facebook post I most regret, among many.

The Facebook post I most regret

I can not believe after more than a year it was posted, people still come up to me and ask me about it. Definitely more people ask me about this Facebook post  than the lousy 11 likes I got for it.

Some don’t even call her by her name, in fear that they would say it wrong. They just nickname her ‘moo moo’. Yes. Moo … moo. *sigh*

I blame it on the ‘New Mom Syndrome’. That’s something I just totally made up so don’t go Googling it.

Symptoms include; Over-protection of child, extremely way too many pictures of your “adorable” baby that looks nothing but an alien, and rants about your child’s name on Facebook. Symptoms vary on every mom.

With that being said, allow me to explain the pronunciation battle I’ve had about my daughter’s name. If you are new to my blog, my daughter’s name is not Kalliope or Neptune. It’s Mariyah.

When I first told my father the name I picked for my unborn child, he sighed and rolled his eyes, then said, “Why would you pick a difficult (bleep) name like that?” (My dad curses like the New Yorker he is) I pushed his comment to the side, and possibly ignored the “hmm interesting name” comments and praised the “love love her name” comments.

Once I was at a party and an older lately asked me what I named my daughter. After telling her Mariyah, she pats my back in a “oh honey” kind of way and says, “You mean Maryam” and casually walked away. I stood there confused. I had even told her that she was named after Maria al-Qibtiyya, the last wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but silly me, I forgot I must have gotten my Islamic women figures all mixed up.

I was confident that I picked a name that was different, but not bizarre. Easy to pronounce but not commonly spelled and more importantly, was named after a very important woman figure in Islam. It was the perfect name, so I thought. I love her name and I believe she will also find love in her name.

Have you had a similar problem? Have you named your child something you thought was original but turned into a pronunciation headache?




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