And Then There Were Two …

There I was, wondering what in the world I was going to get my husband for our second anniversary, which happens to fall on his birthday. It’s extremely convenient for me, and him when you think about it. Google search failed me. Pinterest failed me. I thought, “You know, I am a week late.” A week late for what you ask? Well …

pregnancy announcement

Yup, my little baby will not be the baby anymore. She will be a BIG SISTER by the end of this year! Poor thing doesn’t have a clue what’s a comin’.

So, take a wild guess what I ended up getting him for his birthday/our anniversary. Yup, a peed on stick with two little blue lines, priceless.

I’ve been dying to announce it, well officially announce it, however this pregnancy hasn’t been butterflies and unicorns. I was “blessed” with morning sickness and well, running after an almost two year old is EXHAUSTING.

Baby is healthy , both of them, and your prayers are appreciated. πŸ™‚

Let the pregnancy posts begin!



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