8 Annoying Things I Won’t Do During My Second Pregnancy

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were standing in line at Panera Bread when I noticed a woman who was pregnant, rubbing away at her big ‘ol belly. Just rubbing in a circular, and very obvious rub, that shouted, “Hey ya’ll, I’M PREGNANT!” If rubbing her belly in wide, circular motions didn’t do her any  justice, she then exclaimed, “I am hunnnngrrry. My baby is hunggrrryy.”

Okay, so I have to admit, I’m being dramatic. If it was that noticeable, I suppose my friend would have also noticed it, and she didn’t. I looked down at my belly, quickly removed my relaxed hand and thought to myself, “don’t do that … EVER!”

What’s my point? Well, since then, I began to make mental notes to what I don’t want to do or haven’t been doing, with my second pregnancy.

1. Rub my belly … in public.

It’s fair game when i’m at home, so back off. But I do have to say, after seeing a fellow pregnant person do it in front of my eyes, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

2. Eat for two.

It’s a myth people. Stop handing me food and saying, “you’re eating for two *wink*”. No I am not. I’m eating for myself and this child who according to Baby Center is the size of a Jicama.

Just step away from the sour candy and we should be okay.

3. Complain

Yes, pregnancy sucks. There’s a whole book about it called, well, called Pregnancy sucks by Joanne Kimes. Your body aches in ways you thought never could. You are emotionally annoyed by every living (and I guess nonliving) thing. When you crave a certain food, you transform into some feen that won’t stop ’till you get that fix.

However, let’s not complain. It will be over before you know it (totally forcing myself to write this) and after you have your kid, it’s absolutely true what they say: you forget every darn thing you hated about pregnancy and want to have another one almost immediately after.  Complaining just makes you that buzz kill no one wants to never be around.

Don’t be a buzz kill.

4. Research

When I was pregnant with my first child, I researched every darn thing that I could. I freaked out with every pain or different feeling I had and possibly drove the (patient) nurses insane with my many, unnecessary phone calls. This time around, I honestly could tell you that Google got one heck of a break from me and my doctor appointments consist of usually, nothing but smiles. (Thank God)

Before you get to judging me, please call your doctor if you feel like something is not right, trust your gut. It definitely is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Hide

I was a hermit crab with my first pregnancy. I literally acted a s if I was fragile. But luckily, I am not restricted during pregnancy, and it’s okay to do things. Like walk or to socialize. And it’s especially okay to do when you have a toddler as a sidekick. I We would go absolutely nuts if we didn’t get out. Besides, what I learned about preparing for a kid is; do as much as you can before it’s TOO LATE!

7.  Exaggerate

Yes, I am pregnant. And so were millions of millions of woman before me. So although I feel special that i’m growing a child inside of me; a child the size of a jicama (I just love that word), I’m really not. It was said, through the grape vine of family stories, that my great grandmother gave birth while picking olives. She cut the umbilical cord with a rock and walked home with her newborn in her arms. Now that, is something to be proud of … if it’s even true. LOL

In the end, we are all (women) pretty darn awesome for enduring all that we do. *Pats on the back*

8. Not find out the gender

It’s not that i’m not excited about this child, or that I will treat it any differently. ( I hope not) It’s just that … why not!

It’s not that important what the gender is, as long as it’s healthy. It grounds us. Reminds us that God is the all knowing and we are blessed either way. Besides, it’s kind of funny to see how people get so worked up about why my husband and I won’t find out the gender. 😉

There you have it. My rant about annoying pregnant women and stuff we should chill out about. However, pregnancy is a really exciting journey and it’s hard not to be exciting for what is coming ahead. So if you know someone who is pregnant and possibly annoying, just endure it for the time-being. It’ll be over before you know it. New moms are far more annoying. 🙂


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