Maternity & Modesty: Featured Guest Blogger with Summer Albarcha

Hello readers! I am excited to welcome my first guest blogger, the talented, Summer Albarcha; behind the amazing fashion blog, Hipster Hijabis.

Maternity & Modesty?

First off I’m honored to collaborate with Nawal on her blog! Although I’m not married nor pregnant, I’ve had some maternity experience in watching my mother go through all 3 of my younger siblings pregnancies—and it I can tell that is definitely an emotionally draining and stressful experience, but ultimately worth it. Women start feeling uncomfortable and insecure about their new weight gain. Maternity clothes can also often be expensive and unappealing to new mommies. Today I’m going to talk about ways to not only look modest while pregnant but also fashionable. These are just a few tips I’ve put together, but I hope it will make walking out the house in the morning a more confident experience for all you new mommies!

1. Wear statement necklaces— This draws attention away from belly and look adorable with pretty much anything!

2. Wear loose baby doll dresses and leggings— Not only is this fashionable but also comfortable without having to worry about fixing so many layers.maternity fashion

3. For winter pregnancies, wear ponchos— They cover any insecurities and can be worn over a variety of tops from sweaters to knit tees to blouses.maternity fashion

4. Wear neck scarves! It will bring attention away from your belly and brighten up your face and outfit in general.maternity fashion

1. Wear belts only above your belly; wearing it under looks awkward and and will probably feel more awkward as it bring bad attention to the stomach.

Featured above is a photo of one of my favorite bloggers, @ascia_akf (on Instagram), dressing up a belt above her belly during her pregnancy.

Featured above is a photo of one of my favorite bloggers, @ascia_akf (on Instagram), dressing up a belt above her belly during her pregnancy.

2. Wearing skinny jeans just because they are cute might make you feel stiff and unrelaxed. Wear pants that are comfy and make your belly feel secure! Harem pants are definitely an option since they are in style and are probably the most comfortable fashion invention ever. Also try maxi skirts and dresses.

3. Lastly, stay true to your style! Mommies can still be cute and modest; it’s about finding what fits your body best.

summer_albarcha Summer Albarcha is an American Syrian fashion blogger, better known as the face behind the inspirational fashion blog, Hipster Hijabis. The words hipster and hijabi in one sentence may seem uncomparable to many, however she most certainly found a way to make the two work.

Her inspiration for fashion, that is not only conservative, but also very trendy, has inspired thousands, including myself. She hopes to continue to inspire the Western World with modest finds, despite today’s culture trends.

For more information about Summer and for inspirational modest fashion, visit her web page and her Instagram page.




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