Is This Going to Last Forever?

pregnancy meme

I’m going crazy.

And i’m not the only one. The message boards don’t lie. Yes, I am one of those people; the one who Googles EVERYTHING. I said I wouldn’t do it in my blog post, 8 Annoying Things I Won’t Do During My Second Pregnancy, but I’m human. A hormonal, swollen human.

I hate myself for feeling this way. I want this baby out. The craziest thing is that I know how hard it’s going to be, especially with a child going through what is called terrible twos but should be named much, much worse. Beleive it or not, I still want this baby out.

I’m uncomfortable, annoyed, fried. And here I go again, doing something I promised I wouldn’t do: complain.

I’m writing this piece, not to vent, although it seems though it is making me feel better, however i’m writing this post to remind myself how ridiculous I was during the last days of pregnancy. Yes, remind, which means I will, if it’s in God’s plan, have a third child.

I know. I know.

So here it goes, this is for you:  future me crazy enough to get pregnant once again, you baby maker, you.

Get over it.

You went through morning sickness, which we all know doesn’t last only in the morning, but almost the entire day. Then, your body began to change, which ment cramping and the aches. Not to mention, you feel like you look terrible in anything you wear. Oh and your hormone levels shot through the roof, well … from day one. You’re telling me that you’re 39 weeks pregnant and “you can’t do this anymore”?

Selfish. That’s what you are. And the first thing about being a mother, is the incredible selflessness that we are.

Say this with me: My baby will come when it is ready to come out.

With all that being said, if you are in your last weeks of pregnancy, frantically Googling, “when will labor begin?” I hope you read this and feel somewhat better. Just a little?

If not, go sleep it off. SLEEP! Read a book. Or just … take a hot shower. Because with another kid coming, your sanity is packing it’s bags and rushing itself out the door.

Bottom line, relax honey. The baby will eventually push itself out soon. It can’t stay in there forever. Or can it???


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