A Bookworm’s Birthday Party

bookworm party After Mariyah’s Rainbow 1rst Birthday Extravaganza, I vowed to never throw her another one EVER in my life. That was a load of lies. But this time, I had boundaries.

  • I will NOT spend a ridiculous amount of money for this.
  • I will NOT give in and invite too many people, although it killed me to do this.
  • And I will NOT get crazy. ‘Aint nobody got time for that. (I’m bringing that phrase back)

Are you waiting for me to tell you that I didn’t respect my rules? Well, I did.

Everything went as planned. Kind-of.

I mean, we were hit with the snowstorm of the season that day. Oh and because i’m queen procrastination, I forgot to take pictures and quickly took horrible, blurry pictures with not my phone, but my mother’s. And the biggest buzzkill of all… drum roll please … little miss birthday girl herself was NOT in any mood to feel special. In fact, anyone who spoke to her was growled at.

Seriously, Growled at.

But you know what?

bookworm party bookworm party bookworm party Enough of that. So, here’s how the rest of the party went. Enjoy the ‘how many filters can I add to the picture to pretend that I took really great pictures’ pictures.

Bookworm party decorations

The decor was simple. I basically let the balloons speak for itself.


bookworm party decorationsbookworm party decorationsIn my opinion, the cake is the most important thing of the party and did I hit the jackpot for this one. A dear friend of mine, owner of For Goodness Cakes, created this masterpiece. You ever eat really great tasting cake that you eat it incredibly slowly to savor the moment? As I was s-l-o-w-l-y eating my small piece of cake, I looked away for one minute and it was GONE! It turned out, my sister in law assumed I was done, and threw it away. In the TRASH!

I almost, almost thought about pulling it out … but I didn’t.

The cake was obviously who doesn’t know ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. And the cupcakes had gummy worms on top of the cupcakes. 
bookworm party cake

bookworm party cakebookworm party cake

'Green Eggs and Ham' Pretzels

‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Pretzels

'Dragons Love Tacos' Chips and Salsa

‘Dragons Love Tacos’ Chips and Salsa

'The Rainbow Fish' Cheese Goldfish

‘The Rainbow Fish’ Cheese Goldfish

'Book Worms' Gummy Worms

‘Book Worms’ Gummy Worms

'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' Chocolate Chip Cookies

‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

'Where the Wild Things Are' Veggie Tray

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Veggie Tray

'The Hungry Caterpillar' Fruit Kabobs

‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ Fruit Kabobs

'Brain Food'  Deli meat, Cheese and Bread

'The Giving Tree' Apple Juice

‘The Giving Tree’ Apple Juice

'Maisy Makes Lemonade' Lemon Iced Tea

‘Maisy Makes Lemonade’ Lemon Iced Tea










Although everything didn’t go as planned (what ever does), it was an enjoyable party and what better way to spend a snowstorm than inside with cake and food. The birthday girl wasn’t crying entirely the whole time, she enjoyed blowing her candles out.

bookworm party bookworm party




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