Spring Cleaning Checklist for Busy Moms

Spring cleaning checklist for busy moms

I’ve been waiting for this all Winter: SPRING CLEANING! [Que bird chirps]

I’ve literally been kicking things under the bed, stuffing the pantries to the point where closing the door before everything falls out became a game. I’ve been throwing anything and everything in the laundry room out of guest’s view and … well now i’m embarrassing myself.

I’m over-reacting. My house isn’t as dirty as I say it is. But all of a sudden the sun is shining in places in my house where it hasn’t in months, and suddenly i’m beginning to get an itch to deep clean.

Spring cleaning has become harder to do over the last couple years; first with one kid and now with a toddler and a newborn to make it so much, more harder to do.

Oh how, oh how will it get done!?


That’s right. And you know what? It’s printable so everyone can have it.

That’s a checklist for you. And for you and for you way over there. Everyone gets a checkliiiiiist.

{I really miss Oprah!}

So here’s the thing. My Spring Cleaning checklist isn’t anything special. However, it’s simple. And with young children, the simpler the better. My goal is to not have a specific time when I want to get this all done, yet to randomly check things off as I get them done, in no chronological order. So far this week, I checked off cleaning the car and almost cleaning the fridge.

Busy moms, print your super simple spring cleaning checklist here.


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