10 Incredibly Clever Gifts for Him

10 incredibly clever gifts for himBuying a present for my husband is the hardest decision I have ever made. I named my own children quicker than deciding what I’m gifting him for his birthday/our anniversary.

All year I’ve been taking [mental] notes of things he’s looked  at in stores, when watching the show, Shark Tank, I quickly noted when he would say out loud, “I’d buy that”. When he picked something up at a store, only to put it down before we got to the register. I made all these notes in my head, but it all failed me when it came time to remember them.

This month crept up on me. It wasn’t ’till a few days ago that I realized it was indeed the month of April. Usually, I resort to Google for ideas but this year, Google needed back up.

So with Google and Pinterest working tab-by-tab, my quest for the perfect gift began.

Here were some ideas that stuck out for me, and for reasons that will explain itself.

1. Be careful what you ask for.

gifts for him2.  I guess I’ll be winning the thermostat war at night, thank you very much.

gifts for him3. Well, isn’t this a nifty little thing.

gifts for him4.  If he had a dollar for every time he said …

gifts for him… he wouldn’t need this clip at all.

5. For the man who prepares for the worst … and with this can … should hope for the best.



gifts for him6. Get him more big-headed than he actually is with this personalized bobble head.

gifts for him7. Talk about multi-tasking.

gifts for him8. Didn’t you always say you wanted to eat like a king. (For Game of Thrones lovers)

gifts for him




9. “Duct tape can fix anything, he says. Well, here’s a taste of his own medicine.

gifts for him10. For a hot and saucy fella.

gifts for him


Needless to say, I did not purchase any of these gifts for him. Even though, in my opinion, these would make great gifts, some would make even better gag gifts, I could hear him in my head saying, “Oh honey, thank you …”

Wait for it…

“… but, why would you spend money on this?”

“Thank you BUT” … those are hurtful words. Words I try to avoid.

It has happened too many times before. So this year, I played it safe, with something I know he would purchase for himself.

What are some quirky gifts you’ve purchased for someone?



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