Pinterest-Inspired Teacher Gift

teacher giftI love Pinterest.

No seriously, I am in love with it.

My Pinterest life is perfect.

The food is gourmet, my house is gorgeous, not to mention, spotless, and my wardrobe is to die for!

In real life, I fail at almost everything I attempt to make off of Pinterest. But every now and then, I do succeed. And when I do, I brag about it. Like what i’m going to do now.

Look at this beauty.

teacher gift

Now, there are countless projects and their how-tos all over Pinterest and the internet.

Like, a lot!

However, like I’ve said before, i’m not here to share a tutorial, i’m here to brag.

No, just kidding i’m not narcissistic … all the time.

All silliness aside, I thought I would quickly make a few pointers on how to do this project … flawlessly.

  • Use a photo box, not a picture frame like some tutorials insist you do.
  • Glue the scrap book paper to the photo box. I guess you can pin it, but seriously, glue the darn thing.
  • Practice, practice, practice BEFORE gluing, preferably.
  • Do not do this project around your toddler, because apparently all crayons in the world are her crayons.
  • Cut the crayons with the best knife you got in your kitchen and on a cutting board … slowly so it breaks the way you want it to … in a sawing motion.
  • Buy an extra box of crayons because you’ll break many, unintentionally.
  • Just go ahead and put your kid in time-out, because seriously, get over it child.
  • Sand the crayons down with sand paper for straight cut edges.
  • Use clear tacky glue to glue the crayons on the board.
  • Still, don’t show your toddler the project AT ALL, or she’ll want to open it, because remember, all of the crayons in the world belong to her.

There you have it!

Good luck!


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