60 Things To Do with Your Toddler this Summer {in Saint Louis}

things to do with your toddler this summer in saint louisAs far as my 2 year old is concerned, Summer has already begun. Since the days have become warmer and gradually longer, we’ve been out and about on this town.

“Saint Louis sucks”, I would always say growing up but when you become a mom who wants to do as much as possible with your tot, the things to do seem endless.

I created this bucket list (specific to the Saint Louis area) for my tot and I to conquer this Summer. Feel free to use this list as a guide as well.

1. Go to the Zoo

2. Visit the Botanical Garden

3. Visit the Magic House

4. Feed the goats at Grant’s Farm

5. Take a stroll around Forest Park

6. Enjoy a malt shake at Crown Candy Kitchen

7. Visit the Saint Louis Science Center

8. Visit the Butterfly house

9. Feed the ducks

10. Pick a seasonal crop at Eckerts farm

11. Learn to ride a bike (with or without training wheels)

12. Go on a road trip

13. Drink a root beer float at Fitz’s

14. Eat fudge at The Fudgery (Union Station)

15. Visit Saint Louis Arch

16. Eat ice cream at Ted Drewes

17. Visit the Meramec Caverns

18. Visit the Museum of Transportation

19. Drive through Lone Elk Park

20. Make big bubbles

21. Take a hike

22. Visit the Cahokia Mounds

23. Visit Purina Farms

24. Visit the World Bird Sanctuary

25. Take a stroll on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

26. Visit a park we’ve never been to

27. Create a human car wash out of PVC pipes (The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

28. Roast marshmallows over a fire

29. Go on a nature walk

30. Catch fireflies

31. Have a water balloon fight

32.Have fun with a shaving creamed slide (Growing a Jeweled Rose)

33. Have a picnic

34. Shop at the Soulard Market

35. Visit the City Museum

36. Go to story time at the library or local book store

37. Ride a Ferris wheel

38. Visit a water park

39. Skip rocks at a lake

40. Go camping

41. Watch a parade

42. Wash car together

43. Paint rocks

44. Dig in the dirt

45. Kick a ball around

46. Read under a tree

47. Volunteer at a local charity

48. Make a dandelion necklace

49. Make our own slushies

50. Eat cheesecake at Hank’s Cheesecakes

51. Plant a garden

52. Chase an ice cream truck

53. Get messy at Jilly’s Cupcakes

54. Run in a sprinkler

55. Tumble at a gym

56. Run in the rain

57. Watch a movie at an outside movie theater (Skyview Drive In)

58. Build a fort outside

59. Watch fireworks

60. Tell stories under the stars

Have anything that you would add to this list? Please share in the comments below!


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