My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Road Trip

My chest got tight. The air was muggy, and reeked of Flaming Hot
Cheetos. The car suddenly felt smaller, than it already was. The doors were closing in on me.

I began to scream. “I can’t do this. Stop. Stop this car.” My husband stops the car, makes his way into the back seat and smacks me across the face.

Reality sets in.

Okay, so he never smacked me. In fact, he’s never laid a finger on me but he DID stop the car and firmly said, “Nawal. Chill. Out.”

My soft spoken husband glared at me with warning eyes. I looked at my brother, nephew and niece whom were sitting in the seats in front of me, as they waited for my next move.

“Just leave me in the back, TO DIE”, I exaggerated as I folded my arms and looked out the window. Yes, I just threw a grown woman tantrum and my husband just put me in the corner.

The car was quiet for about a minute before everyone began mocking my grown woman tantrum.

What was this all about? Being stuck in the backseat of a van with my toddler and infant and realizing I would be for at least 10 dreadful hours.

I stared at the bottle of Benedryl I hid in the side pocket of my purse. It was like labor all over again. Trying to get through this journey without the drugs.

I kept thinking to myself, “I can do this. I can do this. No, I can’t do this!”

But about 4 rest stops and 10 and a half hours later, we were home, placed the children in their soft beds and kissed them good night, putting that long ride home behind us.

I’m sorry this post can’t be a success story of some sort. In a way, it could be.

I kept her busy with singing songs, activities and books and making sure we stopped often to give the kids a break. All while I screamed on the inside.

Go ahead, call me a drama queen. Everyone else did.

If you’re looking for advice, honey, I don’t have it. If you are planning a road trip with a [strong-willed] toddler, may God and all of his glory be with you.

I mean that.

Will I do another road trip again?

Well, as all mothers know, we all forget how bad the “labor” was and go at it again at some point. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if I ever do.


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