My Mother’s Ramadan Menu 2015

Ramadan iftar ideasMy mom is the best cook I know. And probably, you could say the same about your mom, or grand-mother.

I got together with my indecisive, lovely mother and brain-stormed a Ramadan inspired menu. 

But first, I want to begin by saying that this holy month is not about the food we cook, how much food we consume and spending hundreds of dollars to create these elaborate iftars. However, I understand that cooking for your family is a way of expressing love and has become a tradition to carry out with each Ramadan, such as I learned from my mother and she has from hers. Please, let us be diligent with not wasting any food.

With that said, please feel free to use this guide for inspiration this Ramadan.

  • Ramadan iftar ideasMakloobeh, salata, laban, chicken noodle soup
  • Mlkeya with rice and chicken, garden salad
  • Baked chicken and roasted vegetables with vercimilli rice, strawberry/pecan salad, cream of chicken soup
  • Imsakhan and hens, freekah, kibbah, tabouli
  • Kifta bitahinya, adas soup, garden salad
  • Pad thai noodles, cabbage salad, thai curry soup
  • Maftool, sambosas, garden salad
  • Qusa mahshi, warak dawali and malfoof, garden salad, stuffed pepper soup
  • Fried fish, tahini salata, fried cauliflower, fries, baba ghanoush, corn chowder soup
  • Bamya with lahme and rice, garden salad
  • Cream cheese chicken, corn and mashed potatoes, garden salad
  • Sweet and sour chicken egg rolls rice egg drop soup
  • Shish barik, salata, seasoned potatoes
  • Mansaf, salata egg rolls
  • Imaganat (sfeeha, mini pizzas, zatar pies, iqras), adas
  • Imsaka3, seasoned asparagus, chicken noodle soTacos, black bean salsa, empanadas and tortilla soup
  • Kabseh with hot tomato soup,  garden salad
  • Grilled lamb chop with rice, potato salad, hummus
  • Chicken tika masala, cucumber yogurt, naan, samosas, creamy potato soup
  • Hens stuffed with rice, grilled shrimp scampi, dill rice, pasta salad, chicken noodle soup
  • Lasagna, stuffed vegetable shells, garlic bread, ceaser salad, minestrone soup
  • Copycat chipotle chicken bowl, guacamole, Mexican street corn, cream of chicken soup
  • Kifta with basmati, cucumber yogurt, fatoush, tomato and meatball soup
  • Fasoolia baytha with lahme and rice, garden salad
  • BBQ chicken, chicken fettucine alfredo pizza, Greek salad, cheese bread, broccoli cheddar soup
  • Imjadara, laban, sfeeha stuffed pepper soup
  • Biryani, samosas, cucumber yogurt, butternut squash soup
  • Beef brisket, roasted vegetables, vegetable soup
  • Shrimp fettuccine, tossed salad, Italian meatball soup, marinated artichokes

Dessert Ideas:

  • Basbousa
  • Hareesa
  • Hilba
  • Kunafa
  • Kitayef
  • New York style Cheesecake
  • Pinapple upside cake
  • Cocunut cream poke cake
  • Canoli poke cake
  • Strawberry jello with whip cream
  • Nutella brownies
  • Teramisu
  • Sopapilla cheesecake
  • Cake truffles
  • Italian pecan wedding cookies
  • Gooey butter cake
  • Awama
  • Rice pudding
  • Fruit tarts
  • Strawberry tres leches cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Coffee cake
  • Flan
  • Nescafe cake
  • Layali Labnan

Please, share other Iftar ideas in the comments below. If there is a recipe you would like, please email me at and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

May God bless you and your family during this holy month and I hope all of your duas and fasts are accepted.



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