Celebrating Ramadan with a Toddler

ramadan with a toddler 2It is entirely way too early to teach a two year old about Islam.

Or is it?

I do teach religion to my 2-year-old, every single day, whether I intend to or not. When I pray, she is watching. When I recite Quran, she is listening. When I remember Allah, she remembers Allah.

Before Ramadan began, I thought to myself, how can I make this Ramadan special for Mariyah, my two-year-old. Would it even matter?

I decorate the house. I make Eid cookies. I give away treats to the kids. Does she understand? Probably not. Does she care, I’m absolutely certain that as long as she gets a treat bag (or two), she doesn’t care. In fact, i’m positive a few fights will break out with her cousins, because all of the treat  bags are “MINE”.

So, I brainstormed. How will I make the most of this Ramadan with my toddler?

Here’s what I came up with.

1. Read Quran together.

2. Pray juma’a and/or tarawih prayers at the masjid.

ramadan with a toddler

3. Let her help make iftar for family.

4. Make moon and star shaped cookies and pastries (with these Islamic shaped cookie cutters)

Such as these mini apple pies. celebrating ramadan with toddler 2

5. Watch Ramadan inspired videos.

This is my daughter’s favorite.


6. Read Ramadan and Islamic books together.

Such as this one.

celebrating ramadan with a toddler

7. Buy toys for needy children.

8. Make Eid (ma’moul) cookies.

9. Create a sadaqa jar and teach to give sadaqa.

10. Star gaze and moon sightings.

11. Make dhikr beads and do dhikr out loud together.

12. Make Eid cards for relatives.

13. Sing nasheed songs.

On our way to the masjid, we sing this one.

14. Eat iftar at your local mosque.

I understand that she’s only 2 and some months, but you’d be surprised at what children can pick up from your actions. Reciting the Quran, for example. Just the other day, she wanted my attention, but I was too exhausted to give it to her at the time. In order to get my attention, she began reciting Surat Al-Fatha.

The. Whole. Surah. MashAllah

Shocked, I gave her a huge hug and praised her. I wasn’t even sure if she was listening when I would repeat it to her over and over again as I did my house chores, but she was.

Sure, she might not really understand why we are at the masjid for iftar or she may run in the aisles as I pray Taraweeh, but she now tells me, “momma, let’s go pray in the masjid” and that alone is validation for me.

How do you spend Ramadan with your toddler?


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