Tantrums. In. Public.

tantrums in publicThree words: Tantrums. In. Public.

Now that’s when your children know that the ball is in their court and will remain in their court, until you get home and your threats of no snack and time-out are real.

Since my mom left for over-seas, and decided she would live there forever *sigh*, I’ve been taking my kids with me on errand runs. It reminded me of when I used to baby sit for people for a few hours so they can go shopping. Naive 12 year old me used to think, “they pay me to go blow money, doesn’t make sense”. But it does, ohhhhhh it does.

The last time that I had taken my child with me shopping, I swore it was either I don’t leave the house ever again or I buy everything I need off of Amazon and let it get shipped to my door. The husband running the errands is not an option, because well, we all know even with a map of the store and where each item is located, you won’t get what you actually. Sorry honey. 😉

Que memory bubble.

The last time I took both kids with me to the grocery store, I not only came home about to cry, but Mariyah came home with her shirt soaked in puke.

Yes. Puuuuke.

All was well. I had made it though the whole shopping trip successful with absolutely no screaming. We were at the check-out, and remembered I forgot the one thing I actually came in for: milk. I left the items and told the cashier to get started, ill be right back. Little I knew what was to  follow.

All of a sudden with no warning, Mariyah began to scream and cry. She was saying something, but couldn’t make sense of it with all her screaming. I just kept thinking, keep going, get to the milk, get back to the cashier and leave. I repeated that in my head as I dodged the looks and the “Daaaamn. what’s wrong with her” comments.

We get to the milk, but the tantrum got worse. It was unfixable now because now she is coughing.

I knew what the cough meant. The cough was a warning that puke will soon follow. But I could stop it. I tried all of my might but I forfeited. Took her out of the cart, turned her away from me and let her puke in front of the milk glass cases, as I held her frizzy curls back.

It was over. The tantrum had won.

Everyone walked passed me, and gagged.

Someone who worked there walked past, I think he was trying to ignore me but I yelled, “HEY! Get me some napkins.” He screeched, “oh oh oh. Hold on.” But before leaving, turned back to me and said, “Do. not. move.”

I stared at him blankly, pursed my lips and responded, “um. okay.”

A minute or so later, a man with a mop bucket came up to us whistling, he smiled and said, “i’ll take over from here, hun.” That beautiful man with the glowing mop bucket was my hero.

I hurried back to the checkout lane, and at my demise, saw the HUGE line waiting for me to get back. As Mariyah  sniffed, she said, “Mommy?” I answered, “yes mommy.” She responded, “I’m sad .. b.. b..because.” I waited anxiously for the words to come out. “… because I want to make play dough.”



But I held my cool, and said okay, when we go home, we will make play dough. Silly me, I had promised her we were going to make play dough with the Kool Aid packets that we left behind when we ran back for the milk.

I went home that day, and vowed I would never, ever, take her with me shopping ever again.

So there I was yesterday, looking at her in the cart, coincidentally, right in front of the milk cooler, she was screaming. Have you ever heard a toddler scream? If you haven’t just imagine a whiny pitched voice that will make you feel your heartbeat in the temple of your head. Can you imagine that? Good, let’s move on.

I stared at the items that I have gave in and purchased from previous stores that I was a victim of; My Little Pony sandwich bags, play dough, and some dinosoar pendant from those vending machine things I used to beg my mom for at the stores.

This has come too far, I thought. I counted to ten in my head, looked at her and simply said, “you either calm down and tell me what you want, or we are going home.” She abruptly calmed down and said, “yes mommy, let’s go home.”

Mariayah – 29,817,793

Mommy – 0



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