DIY Spring Wreath & the Story of a Momma who Tried!

My husband and I have very different interests: He sees Microcenter as a place of joy, and I see it as a 30 minute prison sentence.

But take me to Michael’s and I’m set. For a DIY wannabe such as myself, it’s a 30 min 3 hour playground of inspiration.  Most of my great ideas come from me walking around Michael’s or binge watching trashy Bravo shows. Actually, nothing good ever comes from watching trashy TV. It usually ends up with me acting like a total brat and my husband threatening to discontinue Hulu. 

I usually try to sneak out of the house, with no kids, and take my “coffee break” at Michaels but for some reason, I decided to take them with me. With the help of a share size bag of M&Ms, a promise that they can get ONE thing and lots of prayer, I took a chance, and it worked! They actually let me shop. Fares ended up picking a sticker book, in which he had successfully “decorated” the cart with, and Mariyah picked a Shopkin something that made her call me “the bestest mommy ever”. I’ll take it!

In the meantime, the Michael’s Spring collection had me squealing [on the inside of course. What do I look like? A mad woman?] with excitement and every ounce of strong-will was no where to be seen. The cart was filled to the rim, and then it hit me. That conscious of mine convinced me that I really didn’t need a $50 wreath and a wooden wall piece that said, “EAT”. I put it all away.

But not before taking a picture of the wreath so that I could “think bout it”.

As I walked to the check out counter with a cart filled with toys and nothing for me, I decided that I will dab into the world of DIY and make that wreath that I desperately wanted, myself.

I examined the wreath that was almost mine, and grabbed all of the materials that I assumed I needed and headed back to the checkout, This time, with more toys that i’ll secretly hand to the cashier to pretend to scan.

So, here’s what I got to get started.

  • A Grapevine Wreath
  • 2 Floral Bouquets
  • I have scissors in this picture but use Floral wire cutters (I warned you)

Before beginning this project, there is one thing you should keep in mind.

IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, PUT THEM AWAY! And by away, I mean, put them to bed, occupy them with something, lock them in the room with their dad. Do what you gotta do!

Because what ends up happening is, that they want to help. And mothers with toddlers all know that toddlers DO NOT help!!! They do everything but help!

Now that you put those children away, the next thing you should keep in mind is that floral wire cutters are, indeed, needed. Despite your thoughts, the same thoughts I had when I decided not to buy floral wire cutters, you shouldn’t use kitchen scissors. Just don’t. Because what you’ll end up doing is struggling to get those flowers cut and lucky me, my “helper” made sure to take pictures of the struggle.

Oh, did I struggle! If you didn’t manage putting those kids away, give them a phone, and tell them they are in charge of taking pictures. Then, “teach” them all the ways NOT to use scissors safely.

Okay, back at it. Now that the kids are occupied and you spent a few more dollars to buy garden sheers; You’re ready!

Cut the flowers…

…then arrange the flowers as you would like them to appear. After experimenting, I decided to take a different approach then the idea that I had to begin with. That decision definitely has a lot to do with realizing I didn’t buy enough flowers. What can I say; i’m an amateur.

There, that looks about right, or if you’d ask my husband, “huh? yeah, it’s fine!”

Now, go and get that hot glue gun and get ‘dem flowers glued. The trick is to glue the leaves down first then the flower petal to the leaf. Honestly, I don’t know if i’ll call it a trick, but it worked for me!

Glue, baby, glue.

Voilà … All done!

*whispers* Hel-lo, Spring! (My daughter will not accept that it is Spring time until the weather warms up. She makes a valid point!) Hurry it up, Spring!

Although, I still think about the wreath that got away, I’m pretty darn proud of myself for actually completing a DIY project with two wild toddlers by my side. Literally.


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