30 Days of Ramadan Activities for Kids {with Printable Calendar}

As Ramadan was approaching, as I do every year, I thought about how I could plan a special Ramadan for my little ones. Each year I strive to make Ramadan spiritually better and festive than the last, and this year for them, I think I’ve come up with a way just for that. 

As I stated in my previous blog posts, I love to volunteer. It’s kind of an a addiction that I thrive off of. It’s a good problem to have and I say problem because with working full time and chasing after two busy toddlers in addition to being a Youth Leader for my local mosque, I don’t have much time to give.

For the five years that my husband and I have been married, we’ve only spent one Ramadan at home together The other 4 Ramadans, we  have been volunteering our time at the local mosque that provides Iftar for the community. I often get asked why I volunteer so much, or more recently, I’ve been told I am crazy and need to slow down. But I respond simply with, this IS for my kids.

It’s hard to understand but, I do do a lot, and I do it for the sake of Allah and my family, alhamdililah.

I feel very strongly that creating a strong bond to the masjid for the youth is vital to our community and to our Ummah. At our local mosque, we’ve created a strategy to bring the youth back into the mosque through our active boys and youth group. I am a proud leader of the girl’s youth group and am very proud of the girl’s progress since the time we began. We allow participation in our mosque for them to grow. With that said, One way to get the girls invested in Ramadan and at the masjid is to ask them to volunteer for iftar and babysitting.

As a parent, I don’t feel comfortable dropping my kids in babysitting  with a few teenagers to pray taraweeh, when I know that they would be tired in the late night, stuck in a room in front of TV and most likely screaming children. That’s why I came up with this 30 days Ramadan Calendar.

Printable Calendar Here!


Each night is based on a different theme with activities. A short story will be read to them in addition to teaching them about the theme of the day. For example, I will read them a short story about welcoming Ramadan then teach them about how we know when it is Ramadan through Moon Sighting in addition to making binoculars and other moon crafts.

Please feel free to use this calendar of  activities in your local mosques and in your homes. As the night is completed, I will continue to add pictures of the crafts.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Night 1: Moon Sighting

  • DIY Binocular
  • Sponge Paint Moon
  • Moon and Star Mobile
  • Aluminum Foil Moon

Night 2: What is Fasting? 

  • Fasting Tool Box
  • Ramadan Bucket List
  • Ibadah Chart
  • 30 Days of Ramadan Calendar
  • Read book, Pizza in his Pocket to teach how to give food to the poor

Night 3: Decorate for Ramadan

  • Make fasting chains
  • Listen to Ramadan songs

Night 4: Shoor 

  • Make “Wake me for Shoor” Door Hangers
  • Make “Breakfast” smoothies for kids to enjoy
  • Teach Dua for Beginning Fast

Night 5: Iftar 

  • Make Bismillah Eating Placemats
  • Make Date treats

Night 6: Five Pillars of Islam

  • Teach Five Pillars of Islam
  • Create 5 pillars Mobile

Night 7: Salah 

  • Teach acts of Wudu and Salah
  • DIY Prayer Rug

Night 8: Remembering Allah 

  • Teach words to Remembers Allah such as: SabhanAllah, MashAllah, Alhamdililah, etc.
  • Dhikr Beads

Night 9: Teaching Good Deeds 

  • Make a Good Dead Tree (have kids write acts of good deeds on paper cut-out leaves to hang on tree)
  • Make a card for a neighbor

Night 10: Guarding the Tongue 

  • Make a puppet using Paper bags and teach kids how to be kind with words

Night 11: Controlling your Anger 

  • Relaxing Exercises
  • Role Play Good Behavior
  • Coloring Pages of Good Behavior

Night 12: Zakat 

  • Create a Zakat jar

Night 13: Cave Hira 

  • Tell them the story of the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as they pretend they are in a cave
  • Paint a cave using water color

Night 14: Quran 

  • Make Book Marks

Night 15: Movie and Game Night 

  • Ramadan Board Game
  • Movie with popcorn

Night 16: Phases of the Moon 

  • moon phase coloring page
  • Play with moon sand

Night 17: Hajj and Kabaa Activities 

  • DIY Kabaa Bank

Night 18: Fanoos Activities 

Night 19: I’tikaf 

  • Make a tent and mini pillows

Night 20: Loving our Parents 

  • Teach how we should love our parents
  • Heart Craft for Parents

Night 21: Laylut ul-Qadr

  • Laylut Ul Qadr Lights with Mason Jars

Night 22: Alhamdililah for Everything 

  • Discuss what we are thankful for
  • I am thankful because … activity page

Night 23: Baking Night 

  • Decorate Star and Moon Cookies

Night 24: Giving to the Poor 

  • Create Blessing Bags

Night 25: Reflections and Dua 

  • DIY Dua Book

Night 26: Decorate For Eid 

  • Happy Eid Signs

Night 27: Performance and Movie Night 

  • Put on show and sing Ramadan and Eid Songs

Night 28: Henna Night 

  • Henna on hands for Eid and other Art activities

Night 29: Eid Around the World 

  • Eat treats of different traditions
  • Dress in a culturally different outfit

Night 30: Eid Activities and Prep 

  • Make Eid Goodie Bags
  • Make Eid Cards

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