My Favorite Juicy, Roasted Turkey Recipe

My first year being married, I hosted a Friendsgiving Potluck dinner. I invited perhaps a little over 10 people to my tiny humble home. The second year, there were at least 22 people. This year was my Fourth Annual Friendsgiving Potluck (it has a name now), in which over 30 people joined and words won’t even begin to explain how blessed I am.  Continue reading


My Toddler’s First Encounter with Prejudice

It seems as if these days, Muslims are being brought up more and more in the news, not for only what is happening over seas but for the underlying racism that has been brought up in recent events. Since the tragic 9-11 attacks on US soil, there has been a fire burning deep within many American hearts. A fire, a hatred, for Muslims has been burning. This is not arguable. It’s a fact. Something I grew up learning first-hand, and now, unfortunately, so will my children. Continue reading

60 Things To Do with Your Toddler this Summer {in Saint Louis}

things to do with your toddler this summer in saint louisAs far as my 2 year old is concerned, Summer has already begun. Since the days have become warmer and gradually longer, we’ve been out and about on this town. Continue reading

A Week in the Life in Potty Training Prison

A week in the life in potty training prisonWhen I was pregnant with baby #2 (by beloved Fares), I had everyone and their mama, including mine, tell me that I ought to potty train Mariyah, or I’d be sorry.

So I tried.

And I failed.

Just because everyone said she would be ready, didn’t mean she was ready. After 5 EXHAUSTING days, I disinfected the potty training chair and put it in a corner. Only to look at it every now and then and mutter curse words under my breath.

I came out of that experience a different mother. A tainted one. From wanting a big family to … er, maybe two children is enough. The words potty and training in the same sentence ran chills up my spine. When people asked me how it went, my face turned white and told them I didn’t want to talk about it.

Yes, it really was that bad. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Busy Moms

Spring cleaning checklist for busy moms Continue reading

My Name is Nawal, and I Survived My First Month with Two Kids.


Fares scared of Mariyah

I have your attention now.

So, the last time I blogged, I desperately wanted my child out as complained described in Is This Going to Last Forever? Well, it didn’t last forever. In fact, less than a week later, he made his grand entrance into our lives. Continue reading

Is This Going to Last Forever?

pregnancy meme

I’m going crazy.

And i’m not the only one. The message boards don’t lie. Yes, I am one of those people; the one who Googles EVERYTHING. I said I wouldn’t do it in my blog post, 8 Annoying Things I Won’t Do During My Second Pregnancy, but I’m human. A hormonal, swollen human. Continue reading

Letter To my Unborn Second Child

letter to unborn childMy baby,

Are you a boy? Or a girl? Are you thinking, Mom do you not love me enough to know? Mom, you love Mariyah more than me? Mom, why did you __ for Mariayh but not me. Honey, let me start by saying that I vow to love and treat you as equal as your big sister. Continue reading

Maternity & Modesty: Featured Guest Blogger with Summer Albarcha

Hello readers! I am excited to welcome my first guest blogger, the talented, Summer Albarcha; behind the amazing fashion blog, Hipster Hijabis.

Maternity & Modesty?

First off I’m honored to collaborate with Nawal on her blog! Although I’m not married nor pregnant, I’ve had some maternity experience in watching my mother go through all 3 of my younger siblings pregnancies—and it I can tell that is definitely an emotionally draining and stressful experience, but ultimately worth it. Women start feeling uncomfortable and insecure about their new weight gain. Maternity clothes can also often be expensive and unappealing to new mommies. Today I’m going to talk about ways to not only look modest while pregnant but also fashionable. These are just a few tips I’ve put together, but I hope it will make walking out the house in the morning a more confident experience for all you new mommies! Continue reading