Delicious Peach Pancake and Syrup Recipe

delicious peach pancake and syrup recipe

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Letter to my First-Born: I’m Sorry I Treat You Differently


I’m sorry I yelled at you today. Continue reading

A DIY Thoughtful Eid Gift

diy eid giftRamadan was a blessed month indeed. 30 days came and have gone and Eid celebrations were the most festive since I could remember. In attempt to find inspiration for Eid gifts, I walked through Michael’s only to find these perfectly colored plates, as if Michael’s purposely put them there just for me to find. I grabbed a few other items and went to work. Continue reading

Celebrating Ramadan with a Toddler

ramadan with a toddler 2It is entirely way too early to teach a two year old about Islam. Continue reading

My Ramadan Decor 2015

ramadan decorWe’re almost half way through Ramadan, and here I am, posting my latest projects for Ramadan.

It seems as if I’ve taken procrastination to a whole new level.

Last year, in my Ramadan post, I had made a Ramadan tassle garland and a countdown entryway chalk board. This year I just added a few more things, without getting too crazy. Continue reading

My Mother’s Ramadan Menu 2015

Ramadan iftar ideasMy mom is the best cook I know. And probably, you could say the same about your mom, or grand-mother.

I got together with my indecisive, lovely mother and brain-stormed a Ramadan inspired menu.  Continue reading

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Road Trip

My chest got tight. The air was muggy, and reeked of Flaming Hot
Cheetos. The car suddenly felt smaller, than it already was. The doors were closing in on me.

I began to scream. “I can’t do this. Stop. Stop this car.” My husband stops the car, makes his way into the back seat and smacks me across the face.
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60 Things To Do with Your Toddler this Summer {in Saint Louis}

things to do with your toddler this summer in saint louisAs far as my 2 year old is concerned, Summer has already begun. Since the days have become warmer and gradually longer, we’ve been out and about on this town. Continue reading

Pinterest-Inspired Teacher Gift

teacher giftI love Pinterest.

No seriously, I am in love with it.

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Words of Encouragement from One Nursing Mother to Another

words of encouragement from one nursing mom to anotherMy daughter was a cluster feeder.

My son had a sensitive stomach and cried for hours at a time.

With my cluster feeder, I gave up nursing her when she was … actually, I can’t quite put a number on it because it was a gradual weening off 8 month process.

It didn’t go as planned. Nursing that is, but what in parenthood ever does? It was hard, really, really hard. She was a “snacker”, as the breastfeeding professionals called it. Continue reading