A Charlie Brown Themed First Birthday Party!

charlie brown birthdayGood grief, Fares is one!

When I began telling friends that I was planning Fares’ first birthday party, many of them hoped it was a Charlie Brown theme. Growls and extreme disappointment followed when I told them it wouldn’t be, but have no fear, ROAR! A dinosaur theme, it will be.

During Pinterest research, borderline psychotic binge pinning, I stumbled upon a Peanuts birthday party theme. One pin lead to another, and I found myself creating a new board, home of 74 pins. Results of successful research, if you ask me. 😉 Lo and behold, the theme was changed.

Fun fact! Friends and family call Fares, Charlie Brown, because they think he resembles him. I don’t really see it, but do you? Continue reading


A Bookworm’s Birthday Party

bookworm party After Mariyah’s Rainbow 1rst Birthday Extravaganza, I vowed to never throw her another one EVER in my life. That was a load of lies. But this time, I had boundaries.

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Do-It-Yourself Tutu Tableskirt

diy tutu tableskirtI said it once, i’ll say it again; I am quite the procrastinator.

A few months ago, I made a tutu table skirt for a friend’s baby shower. After posting a picture of it on Facebook, I received numerous requests for a tutorial. Finally, I am now getting to it.

It’s pretty much the same as making a tutu skirt, expect for the fact that it requires 400 yards of tulle and lots of patience, but the steps are about the same.

Let’s get started. Continue reading