DIY Spring Wreath & the Story of a Momma who Tried!

My husband and I have very different interests: He sees Microcenter as a place of joy, and I see it as a 30 minute prison sentence.

But take me to Michael’s and I’m set. For a DIY wannabe such as myself, it’s a 30 min 3 hour playground of inspiration.  Most of my great ideas come from me walking around Michael’s or binge watching trashy Bravo shows. Actually, nothing good ever comes from watching trashy TV. It usually ends up with me acting like a total brat and my husband threatening to discontinue Hulu.  Continue reading


A DIY Thoughtful Eid Gift

diy eid giftRamadan was a blessed month indeed. 30 days came and have gone and Eid celebrations were the most festive since I could remember. In attempt to find inspiration for Eid gifts, I walked through Michael’s only to find these perfectly colored plates, as if Michael’s purposely put them there just for me to find. I grabbed a few other items and went to work. Continue reading

Pinterest-Inspired Teacher Gift

teacher giftI love Pinterest.

No seriously, I am in love with it.

My Pinterest life is perfect. Continue reading

A Bookworm’s Birthday Party

bookworm party After Mariyah’s Rainbow 1rst Birthday Extravaganza, I vowed to never throw her another one EVER in my life. That was a load of lies. But this time, I had boundaries.

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Do-It-Yourself Tutu Tableskirt

diy tutu tableskirtI said it once, i’ll say it again; I am quite the procrastinator.

A few months ago, I made a tutu table skirt for a friend’s baby shower. After posting a picture of it on Facebook, I received numerous requests for a tutorial. Finally, I am now getting to it.

It’s pretty much the same as making a tutu skirt, expect for the fact that it requires 400 yards of tulle and lots of patience, but the steps are about the same.

Let’s get started. Continue reading

A Few DIY Projects to Jump Start Ramadan

DIY Ramadan Projects

I decorated for Ramadan, just in time. What can I say, I’m quite the procrastinator.

Even though some days I think Mariyah does fast, I am aware she has no idea why momma is decorating, but she sure did have fun trying to destroy them, that’s for sure.

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Learn How to Bedazzle Converse Shoes

Learn how to bedazzle converse shoes

I bought my daughter Converses about a month ago. I took myself to Hobby Lobby the next day with the intention to make-over the Converses into shiny and sparkly show-stoppers. I stood in the aisle for more than I should have and walked away with a random gem tool and a few packs of gems and obliviously stood in line.

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