My Toddler’s First Encounter with Prejudice

It seems as if these days, Muslims are being brought up more and more in the news, not for only¬†what is happening over seas but for the underlying racism that has been brought up in recent events. Since the tragic 9-11 attacks on US soil, there has been a fire burning deep within many American hearts. A fire, a hatred, for Muslims has been burning. This is not arguable. It’s a fact. Something I grew up learning first-hand, and now, unfortunately, so will my children. Continue reading


Celebrating Ramadan with a Toddler

ramadan with a toddler 2It is entirely way too early to teach a two year old about Islam. Continue reading

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

My father is one of the most influential people in my life. Therefore, there are things that he has said that have stuck in my head over the years. One saying being around the time my brother had passed away, nearly 11 years ago. He said, with sorrow in his eyes, ” the death of a child is something I don’t wish on my worst enemy”.

Having children of my own now, I understand how powerful that statement truley is. I couldn’t imagine losing a loved one, especially my child. Watching the news becomes hard when unfortunately it is flooded with tragedy; kidnappings, death, and illnesses. Continue reading