Tantrums. In. Public.

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Letter to my First-Born: I’m Sorry I Treat You Differently


I’m sorry I yelled at you today. Continue reading

Celebrating Ramadan with a Toddler

ramadan with a toddler 2It is entirely way too early to teach a two year old about Islam. Continue reading

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Road Trip

My chest got tight. The air was muggy, and reeked of Flaming Hot
Cheetos. The car suddenly felt smaller, than it already was. The doors were closing in on me.

I began to scream. “I can’t do this. Stop. Stop this car.” My husband stops the car, makes his way into the back seat and smacks me across the face.
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A Week in the Life in Potty Training Prison

A week in the life in potty training prisonWhen I was pregnant with baby #2 (by beloved Fares), I had everyone and their mama, including mine, tell me that I ought to potty train Mariyah, or I’d be sorry.

So I tried.

And I failed.

Just because everyone said she would be ready, didn’t mean she was ready. After 5 EXHAUSTING days, I disinfected the potty training chair and put it in a corner. Only to look at it every now and then and mutter curse words under my breath.

I came out of that experience a different mother. A tainted one. From wanting a big family to … er, maybe two children is enough. The words potty and training in the same sentence ran chills up my spine. When people asked me how it went, my face turned white and told them I didn’t want to talk about it.

Yes, it really was that bad. Continue reading